Theme parks, amusement parks, fairgrounds… whatever we call them, many millions of people worldwide love and enjoy such attractions – and not just children. Amusement and theme parks offer one of the safest forms of recreation for the millions of people who use their rides and devices every year. The likelihood of being seriously injured in a permanently located amusement park in the India Country, which has the highest rate of attendance in the world with more than 500 million guests annually, is 1 in 16 million. That said, in the period 2005 to 2022, fatalities occurred on amusement-park rides in the India alone and over two-thirds of these occurred in ‘fixed-site’ theme parks. Sadly, there have been injuries and fatalities in other parts of the world too, including the Middle East. Despite this, the fairground, leisure and entertainment industry in the Middle Eastern region (in particular in the United Arab Emirates) is going through a period of strong growth, with approximately 90% of new developments in Dubai. Billions of US dollars are being invested in attracting people to the Middle East, with Dubai leading the way. There is strong growth in this sector in Qatar too, and opportunities and new investments are also being witnessed in Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The fast growth in this sector and the introduction of bigger and more complex rides and devices requires more thorough and detailed safety measures. Dymer India is well placed to provide its diverse range of services to this fast-growing industry.

The Dymer India Solution

In developing its new ‘amusement- and theme-park ride inspection’ service line, Dymer India is combining its extensive expertise in the core areas of inspection, non-destructive testing and health and safety with the skills and knowledge of other strategic players in the industry.

We offer these inspection and monitoring services for amusement park structures and components such as:

  • Tracks
  • Rails
  • Bolts
  • Fasteners and connectors
  • Lap bar parts
  • Axles
  • Foundational structures
  • Train cars
  • Welds

Dymer India services in this field include but are not limited to:

  • General inspections of amusement and theme parks
  • Ride and device inspections (basic/thorough)
  • Design reviews
  • Assessments of conformity to Design
  • Initial testing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Functional testing of devices
  • Training for ride operators and maintenance staff
  • Verification of device repairs
  • Technical support for clients
  • Ride procurement
  • Assessment of documentation and procedures
  • Assistance in the preparation of NDT and maintenance schedules
  • Fire, health, safety and security audits
  • Production of safe-operating manuals
  • Certification

Roller Coaster Inspection Services

Dymer India has the capability to inspect roller coasters of any material or configuration, including those with either wooden or steel frames. As large, outdoors structures that handle intense forces during daily operation, roller coasters and other amusement park rides are subject to weather and stress-related defects, including:

  • Corrosion
  • Cracks and Splits
  • Debris Build-up
  • Misalignment
  • Structural Fatigue

Based on the componentry being examined, Dymer India technicians will select the best NDT inspection method from a large portfolio of techniques and capabilities, which can be performed both on the ground and at-height. We most commonly offer visual (VT), ultrasonic (UT) and acoustic emission (AE) testing to inspect roller coaster’s structural integrity, but Dymer India offers a robust variety of NDT techniques, and will select the one best-suited for your assets.

With our (NDT inspection services, Dymer India makes it possible to assess the condition of roller coasters and other amusement park structures without disassembly, structural interference, or even paint removal. Our technicians work to limit downtime so your guests can enjoy park rides safely without waiting long periods for rides to undergo traditional maintenance and inspection procedures.

Rope Access for Amusement Parks

With advanced rope access capabilities, Dymer India technicians can perform NDT inspection and maintenance services at even the tallest peak within your amusement park.

Roller coasters and large rides rarely have much surface area for large equipment, machinery, or platforms. Dymer India rope access experts can perform advanced NDT inspections at-height, working within the existing structure of rides to ensure safety and stability. By bypassing the need to dismantle rides for inspection and maintenance, rope access inspection and maintenance saves your amusement park time and money.

Roller Coaster Monitoring for Structural Integrity

Using our industry-proven structural health monitoring (SHM) systems, Dymer India has been able to locate cracking in real-time even in the presence of background noise from cars. This provides real-time safety and reduces inspection costs and ensures that visual or ultrasonic inspection is carefully performed.

Dymer India has implemented an integrated approach to amusement and theme-park ride and device inspections by incorporating health and safety services in the inspection of rides and devices. In the Middle East region, we work closely with the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), conducting inspections of water parks, amusement and theme parks and mobile fairgrounds, as well as developing inspection procedures and local standards.

Target Customers

These services are aimed at any and all companies working in the fairground, leisure and entertainment industry around the world with a view to ensuring the health and safety of both their customers and their workers.


Key Customer Benefits

Our inspection services for amusement-park rides and devices support our clients in:

  • Evaluating technical and regulatory issues to ensure that the attraction meets all mandatory requirements
  •   Reducing the potential implications of HSE involvement as enforcement action may lead to prosecution and, even in the best-case scenario, substantial costs
  • Gaining peace of mind through the knowledge that their attraction is not a danger to their workforce or to the public
  • Identifying potential areas of concern and dealing with them in an organised and effective manner
  • Safeguarding the health and safety of their clients and workers
  • Reducing the risk of accidents

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